A fundamental part of our Vision is to develop our tasks with the support of people in search of a paradigm shift, to find themselves on a path of Growth and Contribution in which the unique experience in the middle of nature is the inspiring framework for daily tasks. .

This is how we call on your highest talents to integrate harmoniously into our work team in which the focus on personal growth catalyzes as a logical continuation your contribution to this Space / Experience

We have both individual and shared facilities and a varied range of activities to make your stay with us as comprehensive as possible:

You can also practice languages, as we receive international volunteers.

From our natural and spiritual sanctuary here in Lo Conty, commune of El Olivar, we move forward committed to the experience and expansion of the Holistic Consciousness, for which we invite you to join our 2023 volunteer program aimed at improvement projects, maintenance and transformative processes in this magical place known for so many years as CIHOL (Centro de Iniciativas Holísticas -Centre for Holistic Initiatives)

We need your support in:

  • The maintenance of natural spaces and infrastructure (collection of firewood, clearing of paths, cleaning of ditches and irrigation works, electrical system, etc.) 🌳🌿
  • The rehabilitation and recovery of those beloved spaces that you may have already visited (the amphitheater, the barbecue area, the pergola and the children’s play area, etc.), 🎭⛺
  • A powerful project in Bioconstruction for new accommodation and recreation spaces, 🏡✨😀

We are in the heart of Central Chile, a wonderful area of ​​nature and culture, one hour south of Santiago, where we wish to develop a virtuous alliance with you..

Conditions we offer:

  • Minimum stay of 15 days to 1 month, once this milestone is met we will discuss a possible extension of your stay with us 5×2 work days, 5-6 hours average daily in various roles
  • 5-6 hours average daily in various roles, and rest days to be organized with your coordinator
    • Kitchen: preparation of breakfast and lunch, making bread, desserts, etc. (you will have help, we need you as a specialist), mainly in the stove, solar and wood-fired cooking
    • Cleanliness and maintenance: maintain clean and functional common spaces, such as kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, multipurpose room, shed, etc., carrying out minor repairs, painting, plumbing, electricity, among others.
    • RRSS: reflect the day-to-day life of Fusión Nativa along with the great guiding principles that inspire us through graphic, audiovisual and narrative expression on our Facebook, Instagram and soon also YouTube platforms.
    • Gardening: enhance the beauty and vegetation regeneration according to the character of the various spaces present in our 16.5 hectares, promoting the propagation of both native and exotic species, maintaining flower beds, shrubs, their irrigation, fertilization, etc.
    • Field work in general: with special emphasis on irrigation, pruning, grass cutting, transportation of materials, tree felling, firewood cutting, among others according to each season of the year.
    • Construction: both conventional and bioconstruction, we have initiatives in the pipeline for new facilities for volunteers and visitors along with the maintenance and/or remodeling of existing ones.
    • and when you feel the inspiration to contribute with your art in painting, sculpture, carvings, go ahead!
    • NOTE: You will also learn about other tasks other than your main task, since we approach the various tasks as a team depending on the needs that arise, while you leave your mark by integrating into our beautiful holistic projects.
  • 3 meals a day, mainly vegetarian.
  • Individual, shared or tent accommodation according to your preference or availability of space.
  • Washing clothes once a week.
  • Warehouse for your valuable items.
  • Communal dry and conventional toilets.
  • Solar shower and wood heater in community area.

Ah! We also have 5 adorable dogs that will make you pleasant and furry company.

Your talents await greater expression and are welcome here.

Go through a Holistic Experience.


Is the number of working hours always the same?

No, because depending on a rain event, for example, we may only do some minor works that take very little time, resuming in the following days with more emphasis. Likewise, if your motivation flows in abundance in a certain activity, it is highly likely that you will dedicate more time to it. The mention of 5 to 6 hours is an average reference, nothing more.

Depending on the work I am going to carry out, should I bring my utensils or tools?

Although here we have abundant tools and utensils for various tasks, if you wish to bring your own there is no problem, at your own risk.

What about Saturdays and Sundays?

They are free in the broadest sense, to go out, watch movies, read, walk, etc. including, by the way, that you continue working on the various chores that always exist in a place like this if you have gotten hooked on something.

How do I do it if I want or need to go out?

We will discuss it to agree on the best way to meet our joint objectives and we will guide you regarding transportation and orientation in the area.

How do I get to Fusion Nativa?

We will send you the location and guide you in the best means of transportation.

If you come from the north, you can get to Rancagua and come to our door by Uber or Didi at a rate of no more than $2500 CLP (U$3,5). Likewise, on buses from Santiago that go to Rengo, San Fernando, San Vicente, etc. By Ruta Travesía passing through O’Higgins Bus Station they leave you at the Gultro walkway. Reference rate from Santiago $4000 CLP (U$5)

By public transportation from Rancagua, you can take a minibus to the Gultro walkway on Ruta Travesía Highway or if you come from the south you get off at the Gultro bus stop on the same Ruta Travesía, arriving at the Gultro bus stop. In both cases we will come pick you up by vehicle.

Is the bedroom individual or shared?

Depending on availability according to the number of volunteers present, it may be a single or shared room. In spring and summer you can comfortably come in a tent.

If I have a special diet, how do I do it?

In the entry form you must tell us in detail what it is about to address it in the best way.

If I must take medicine, how do I do it?

En la ficha de ingreso deberás contarnos en detalle de qué se trata para apoyarte.

Do I have to be an expert in something to request a spot?

Ideally, it would be to be a professional in an area – for example, a professional chef, but it is not a prerequisite. Rather, we are looking for people with enough knowledge to make a difference by achieving objectives and with high proactivity and willingness to learn and stretch the limits of what is possible, a lover of nature and open to a rustic experience.

What if I have a medical condition to attend to?

In the approach interview we will ask you for details about it to jointly decide if this opportunity is really compatible and best for you. If so, we will take the necessary measures to ensure proper attention.

What does it mean that Fusión Nativa has a rustic style?

Being Fusión Nativa a former agricultural property, a good part of the country style is preserved here in terms of the type of construction – in wood, with mud coatings; form of cooking, which is wood-burning and solar cooking, dry bathrooms, showers also solar or with a wood-burning heater, community kitchen and dining spaces, among others, which marks a noticeable difference from what is usual in the urban environment.

In the sector we also have an abundant presence of birdlife, insects, lizards and snakes, especially in the spring and summer season, and areas with very thick native and introduced vegetation.

Is there a code of conduct at Fusion Nativa?

In very simple terms we declare ourselves a place free of all types of behaviors that denigrate and/or weaken human beings and thus transgress the Vision of being a Space / Experience of Integral Human Development in communion with Nature.

Therefore, for the purposes of activities and behaviors, Native Fusion is defined as:

1) A space free of all types of drugs and narcotics, with alcoholic beverages strictly restricted to toasts within the framework of celebrations or other types of commemoration. Cigarette only in areas far from community sharing.
2) A space free of activities and behaviors that denigrate human beings in any way, with special emphasis on childhood and youth
3) A space free of extreme positions in any ideological, religious, political, etc. area, even more so if they endorse violence in any of its forms.
4) A space free of annoying noises, loud music and/or degrading lyrics.

Considering the transgression of these principles as a serious impact on your continuity with us. Along with the above, Fusión Nativa favors and considers a strengthening of our relationship, welcoming:

i) Recycling initiatives and responsible management of organic waste
ii) Instances of integral growth of the human being
iii) Artistic expressions that elevate the spirit, of various kinds
iv) Volunteer activities in synergy with our Mission and Vision, such as sponsorship of spaces, clearing of paths, general maintenance, among others
v) Activities of movements related to our Mission and Vision, with whom we can mutually enhance each other
vi) Activities specifically oriented to the integral healing and awakening of the consciousness of its participants
vii) Activities aimed at physical cultivation in contact with nature
viii) Among others, if necessary, we will be open to exploring

Is there the possibility of paid work at Fusión Nativa?

Being a volunteer, we do not offer that possibility.

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